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Electric Vehicles


By the financialcrisis,EuropeanandAmerican auto industry giants such as day damage.To bereborn,carprices on the one hand, cut through layoffs, saleofassets,such asBrokeback to survive on the one hand, sparingnoeffort inthedevelopment of new energy automobiles in ordertodraftthedownturn, China's new production of 2012 carshave10%areenergy-saving and new energy automobiles the goalisclear.Thedevelopment of new energy vehicles by allcountriesreferred toanunprecedented level, as a core component ofthe powerbatteryeventhe enterprises and investors, stock pricesoftenareinconsistentwith "electric" rising.

However, analysts pointed out that although the drivingforceforthedevelopment prospects of a better battery, butthedevelopmentof newenergy car has just started,reallyindustrialization takestime, alimited contribution to thecurrentperformance. Moreover,the motivepower battery business toreallybecome bigger andstronger, but alsoto withstand industrialscale,a largeproportion of R & Dinvestment and foreigngiantsqueezetest.

Policy of the birth of a huge market

Subject to reserves of oil resources andenvironmentalpressures,inrecent years, all countries in the activedevelopmentof newenergyautomobiles. USA Highway Authorityoptimisticprediction, by2015the United States car market, about 20%of thenumber ofvehiclesfor hybrid vehicles, the market size of uptonearly threemillion.At present, the U.S. hybrid vehiclemarketshare of only3%. At thesame time its prediction that by 2020,theglobal automarket willhave to sell half of the new carusingdifferent levelsof hybridtechnology.

Compared with traditional vehicles, newenergyautomobiledevelopmentin China is moving ahead, did not loseat thestartingline. Thefield of fuel cell vehicles in China,seniorexpert,Ministry ofScience and Technology Wan Gang, Ministerof thenewenergyautomobile development goals are: to2012,domesticproduction has10% of new cars are energy-saving andnewenergyvehicles, accordingto an annual output of vehicles thenauto100010,000 count, China'snew energy automobiles to achieveanannualoutput of one millionscale. This strong domesticandforeignautomotive manufacturers inthe domestic development ofnewenergyvehicles are determined.

To encourage the development of newenergyautomobiles,China-relatedmeasures continued to berefined,financial subsidypolicies wereintroduced. Ministry ofFinance,Ministry of Scienceand Technologyhas decided, in Beijing,Shanghaiand Chongqingcities in 13energy-saving and new energy autopilotdemonstrationand extensionwork to fiscal policy toencouragepublictransportation, rental,service, sanitation andpostal andotherpublic services take thelead in promoting the useofenergy-savingand new energy cars, buyunits to promote the useofenergy-savingand new energy automobilegrant basis. Among them,thecentralfinancial focus on theacquisition of energy-saving andnewenergyto give a one-time carfixed subsidy, the focus oftherelevantlocal finance facilitiesconstruction andmaintenancegrant.

Specific term, passenger cars and lightcommercialvehicles,thefuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in accordancewith therateofsubsidy standard is divided into five files,themaximumsubsidyper vehicle 5 million; pure electric vehiclescanbesubsidized foreach 6 million; fuel cell vehiclessubsidiesfor250,000 yuan each.10 meters above the otherwiseurbanbusstandards, including theuse of hybrid vehicles into theuseoflead-acid batteries andnickel-metal hydridebatteries,lithium-ionbattery two categories,the highest amount ofsubsidy for8 yuan /cars and 42 yuan /vehicles; pure subsidies forelectricvehiclesstandard 50 yuan /vehicle; fuel cell vehicles thehigheststandardsof subsidies of60 yuan / vehicles.

CITIC Securities reported that the above-mentionedpoliciesonnewenergy vehicles larger subsidies efforts, the basiccoverageofthenew energy vehicles with the same gradewiththeperformancedifference between the cars. Greateffortsreflectingthe statesubsidies to support the development ofnewenergyautomotiveindustry's determination and efforts, butalsogivelocalgovernments the previous procurement ofnewenergyvehiclesdoubts.

Immense market space and strong policy support, the birthofthenewenergy automotive related parts andcomponentsindustry,andtechnology as a key power batteries willnaturallybecome thefocusof domestic enterprises to invest theobject.

Lithium batteries are the development direction of

Investment securities reported that thebatterypoweredhybridelectric vehicle technology is the keytodevelopment:hybridvehicles are the best products of thetransition,but thepurebattery-powered motor vehicles are thefuturedirectionofdevelopment of core technology breakthroughinbatterytechnology.Hybrid batteries currently usenickel-metalhydridematerial, butthe nickel-metal hydride batterytechnology,someimportantindicators have been close to theoreticallimits. Ifthelithiumbattery technology in the solution toitsstability,security andcost of production to achieve abreakthroughon theproblem, thenpure power battery development willacceleratethecar.

Professional analysis, the current hybridvehiclesmainlyusesnickel-metal hydride batteries and lithiumbatteries intwoforms.Nickel-hydrogen batteries because of anumberoftechnicalperformance are close to theoretical limits,suchasenergydensity, charge and discharge speed, so not tobeconsideredas thefuture direction of development.Relativelyspeaking,lithiumbatteries with high safety,highstability,environmentalprotection, the advantages of cheap, byallcarmanufacturers andbattery manufacturers recognized, buttherearealso the stability,safety and production costs and soon.

For lithium batteries, CITIC SecuritiesanalystLiChunbointroduction, lithium battery cathodematerialaccordingtodifferent, can be divided into lithiumcobaltphosphate,phosphoricacid manganese lithium, lithium ironphosphatethree.Lithiumcobalt phosphate because of the high price ofcobalthasbeenabandoned; phosphate lithium manganese comparedtoironphosphatelithium, in regard to safety and service life isnothigh;in theforeseeable future, lithium iron phosphatelithiumbatterywillbecome the main cathode material. GM's Volt andBYD F3DMuseoflithium iron phosphate batteries.

Compared to now the application of hybridtechnology,plug-inhybridelectric hybrid electric vehicletechnologyenablesbetterperformance and ease of use. GM ChevroletVoltdevelopment ontheuse of the technology.

Electrolyte in the battery, the Li Chunbointroduceelectrolytebythree parts, mainly forsolutelithiumhexafluorophosphate,commercial applications arethemainelectrolytes. Its suppliers,mainly in foreigncountries,companiessuch as Merck, Germany andJapan Stellacompanies, andbetterquality. However, domesticHi-Tech Co., Ltd. hasJinguang,TianjinChemical Engineering Designand Research Institute,Shandongcity ofXingtai chemicalfertilizer and other enterprisescapableofproducing.

Pays top academics to real gold Hard to Find

New Energy to develop cars, motive power batteriesopenedthedomesticmarket space. CITIC Securities estimates, such as2011to600,000vehicles the size of new energy sourcesestimatedthatnearly threeyears of domestic new car productionscaleenergycompound growth ratewill exceed 200%. Vehicle use totheaveragequantity 100kg batterycalculation, the battery marketin2011 willreach 600 million tons.And Wan Gang, Minister of thenewenergyautomotive Development Goalsby 2012 have 10 percentofdomesticnew car production areenergy-saving and newenergyvehicles, then,the size of the batterymarket demand willreach 10milliontons.

The face of such tempting cakes, listed companieswhichhaveinvested,I would like to win a share of. Suchasmain-ownedsubsidiary ofJiangsu Guotai Huarong NewChemicalMaterials GuotaiCo., Ltd. mainlyproduce lithium-ionbatteryelectrolyte and silanecoupling agent,lithium batteryelectrolytedomestic market shareof over 30%; Inaddition, theCITICGuoan,companies such as lithiumbatteries with. Inadditiontolithium batteries, the Division iscommitted tofaredgenickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-basedrawmaterialsnickelbattery production, the company raised fundsfortheinvestmentholding company subsidiary of BranchPa-buildingenergypackagenickel hydrogen battery productionlines.Nickel-hydrogenbatteriesare used in most hybridbatterytechnology. Tongji ScienceandTechnology, Fosun medicine,such asShanghai Automotive areengagedin fuel cell development.

Motive power batteries for the performance ofthecontributionofinvestment securities that the promotion of theearlyhybrid,therelevant battery manufacturing enterpriseswillreceivetheappropriate profit. Due to hybrid electric vehiclewillbe thebesttransition products, new energy in the initialstageofdevelopmentthe automotive industry to obtain greatermarketshare,its coretechnology are energy conversion systems, thebatteryunitto onlyone non-critical parts and components,marketingearly,because ofvehicle did not possess large-scaleenterprises,therelevantbattery manufacturing enterprises in thepromotionperiodwillreceive appropriate profits. At present,however,domesticlistedcompanies in the automotive battery businessofthecompany'sprofit contribution is still small.

Compared with foreign countries,China'sbatterymanufacturerscurrently small scale, the strength isnotstrong. Assoon aspossible in order to develophigh-performance,low-costvehiclemotive power batteries, the majorforeign carmanufacturershavetaken with the battery manufacturerstodevelopcooperation,International Development launched avehiclebatterycraze. Amongthem, the GM at the same time withtheinternationalwell-knownlithium battery giant A123, CompactPower,Cobasys andSaft fourcompanies occupy the leading positioninlithium-ionbatterytechnology is very obvious intention.

Big power battery-based industries and to ensurethatvehiclesafetyconsiderations, the Ministry of Financeexplicitlyrequestedinsubsidies, automobile manufacturingenterprises andpowerbatteries,such as key parts productionenterprises mustpossessthe necessaryscale of production capacity.To reach thescale ofChina's powerbattery enterprises still have along way togo.

Power battery's current investment in researchanddevelopmentofsmall enterprises. Galaxy Securities analystLipointed outthatcompared with the sedan, large andmedium-sizedpassengercarbattery weight, size do not ask for much,coupled withthe speedoftraffic do not ask for much, is to developenergy-savingandnewenergy field of the best models. Anddomesticlargeandmedium-sized cities in the public transportsystemduringtheupgrade, for city image building, andimplementthecentralfuel-efficient energy-saving policy,centralizedpurchasingpricerelatively high energy efficiency and newenergysources,thepossibility of larger passenger cars. At present,mostof theuseof new energy bus power system outside thecorepartsandcomponents procurement methods, the core componentsarenotmanyindependent research anddevelopment.Therefore,relativelyspeaking, the relevant R & Dinvestment isnotverylarge.

Electric Vehicles

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