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Guangzhou Auto Hybrid No Gag

Chinese Guangzhou Auto Hybrid No Gag

Chinese GuangzhouAuto Hybrid No Gag

Posted on November 21st, 2007 by admin

The Guangzhou Auto Group (GAG) in China has developed a new hybrid crossover concept vehicle they arecalling the A-HEV. The A-HEV was recently displayed at theGuangzhou International Auto Show and shows promise that theChinese are committed to cleaner burning vehicles.

The Guangzhou Auto A-HEV was developed as a joint venturewith Toyota and Honda along with Torino Design from Italy who developed the body styling using polycarbonate panels. TheA-HEV uses drive-by-wire technology and Guangzhou Auto anticipatesbeing able to manufacture the vehicle affordably and sell it on theworld market in cooperation with their better-brandedpartners.

Guangzhou Auto is China’s fifth largest automaker and is investing over $900 million indeveloping its own brand of fuel-efficient, eco-friendlyvehicles. The state-ownedautomaker is expecting to be able to turn out up to 200,000automobiles annually by 2010.


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