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Mini Electric Car Heads to U

Mini Electric Car Heads to U

Mini Electric Car Heads to U.S.

TheMiniElectric Car manufactured by BMW will be heading totheU. S. in 2009 according to the company. With gas prices soaring, theSUVand truck market have been souring by 10-percent. But,salesof the Mini vehicles is up by one-third this year.

The electric version of this Mini-Me of cars is expected to fillavoid left by the GM EV-1 and Toyota RAV-4 EV that were crushedafew years back. BMW will be shipping 500 of the electric Ministothe U. S. but are still uncertain whether they will offer the vehicle forsaleor as a lease.

My advice to BMW, if you have learned anything from the crushingofthe electric cars is to offer the vehicles for sale. A leasewillhave many people suspicious that their auspicious Minis mayalsoend up in the crusher one day.

BMW has not released any technical details for the electric Mini car suchasits range, recharging time, type of battery pack, horsepower oritsselling price. The company did say, however, that theywouldunleash a Mini electric test fleet in California soon.

The British Mini Cooper has never been a high-volume car in termsofsales in the U. S. market. But, my guess is that introducing only 500 Minielectricswill be way too low of a number and the demand for thisvehiclewill cause BMW to revise its figures upwards in shortorder.


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