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Matra MS1

Matra MS1

Posted on November 16th, 2007 by admin

The French-made Matra MS1 human electric hybrid vehicle is muchmore that just another electric bike. This light electric vehiclecan travel 62 miles on batteries alone with a top speed limitedto 30 mph so that one doesn’t have to get a motorcycle driver’s license tooperate it.

In addition, if the rider wants to extend the range of the MatraMS1 then all they have to do is pedal. Besides being an ultraelectric vehicle, the Matra MS1 is also a 9-speed bike aswell.

Like any good hybrid vehicle, the Matra MS1 also comes withregenerative braking to help recharge the batteries. Rechargingtime on the Matra MS1 is estimated to be between 3 and 6hours.

On the handlebars is an LED display that is the brains of theoperation. The rider starts the vehicle by swiping a magnetic cardthrough this device, which also tells the rider about how much of acharge is left on the battery. This is also an anti-theft option asa person without the card cannot operate the bike. Another securityfeature is the alarm, which is intended to deter would bethieves.

The bike, when it becomes available will cost around $5,000 soadded security is essential. The Matra MS1 is also equipped with aset of LED lights for those who wish to travel at night.

Matra has been in the vehicle market for a while, designing carsfor Renault and racing at Le Mans and in Formula 1 & 2 events. Matra, however, has gotten out ofthe car business and is now focused on creating green vehicles thateveryone can ride and drive.

Though the Matra MS1 isn’t cheap, it certainly is a very greenvehicle that will get you out in the fresh air and serve most ofyour in-town travel needs. If you speak French, you can find outmore at the Matra Sports website.


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