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Analysis of the reduction effect

Analysis of the reduction effect of electric vehicles onenvironment loads with regional characteristics during chargingphase



In order to evaluate the reduction effect of electric vehicles(EVs) on various atmospheric environmental loads, we have performedLife Cycle Inventory (LCI) analysis, including the installation ofcharging stations and regional, seasonal and temporal difference ofthe energy mix of electricity generation. For an EV converted froma small gasoline vehicle, regional LCI analysis was carried out asthe following steps; location of the charging stations, modeling of charging characteristics ofstationusers,calculation of temporal life cycle emission intensities ofCO{sub}2, NO{sub}x and SO{sub}x by regions, seasons and days.Assuming that total traveling mileage is 100,000km, the electricity consumption rate is 0.119kWh/km and the chargingand discharging efficiency is 70%, average life cycle emission ofCO{sub}2 for that EV was 3.6t-C throughout Japan. However, if wetook regional difference into account, the emission ranged over70-160% of the average amount. It was revealed thatthe regionaldifference of the primary energy mix significantly affected theemissions of EVs during the operation phase.

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