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Shorai Inc. Launches World's Lightest, Longest-Lasting Powersports Batteries Using Proprietary Lithi

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Shorai Inc. announced today the launch of a groundbreaking, Lithium-based starter battery for the Powersports Industry, including motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, ATV's and other uses.
The product utilizes Shorai exclusive, eXtreme-Rate LiFePO4 cell technology, LFX.  Benefits offered over traditional lead-acid batteries include: Massive weight reduction (1/4 to 1/5 standard lead-acid battery weight!), two to four times the average service life vs. lead-acid batteries, and the ability to hold a charge for up to one year without maintenance.
In addition to the game-changing performance enhancements, Shorai LFX batteries offer revolutionary environmental benefits.  Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, Shorai LFX batteries can be disposed of with no toxic effect to landfills.
Shorai LFX use military-spec carbon-plastic composite cases, and are a drop-in replacement for original-equipment lead-acid batteries.  Shorai LFX cells are produced exclusively in our ISO 9001:2000 certified factory with more than 400 employees.  Our factory-direct link means Shorai LFX are the only lithium batteries with pricing comparable to original-equipment lead-acid batteries.  This direct connection also insures the highest possible quality control; Shorai LFX batteries are backed by a 2-year limited warranty.
"Our products are truly a breakthrough in the Powersports starter battery category," states Kevin Riley, EVP Sales & Marketing.  "For the first time, consumers have the ability to radically improve their vehicle's overall performance, while increasing reliability and reducing maintenance, at price points that are within the reach of the average enthusiast."
Shorai Inc. is a participant in and sponsor of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show 12-city series, which kicks off in Dallas, TX on Nov. 12, 2010.

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