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Simple Battery Management Could Save Thousands Every Year

Simple Battery Management Could Save Thousands Every Year

For commercial vehicle operators, breakdowns aren't just an inconvenience because of the repair costs, they have a knock on effect that can to lead to missed delivery slots and even greater expenses. However, at least 35% of breakdowns could be avoided with simple battery management, according to CTEK, a leading global brand in vehicle Battery Protection and maintenance.

24V batteries work in two 12V pairs so careful management is particularly important in the CV arena and, if one power pack has a different charge level to the other, it could result in the entire unit needing to be prematurely replaced. By adopting a simple battery management routine using battery testing and a CTEK Smart Battery Charger, these costs, and risks, can be significantly reduced.

Testing has often revealed that 75% of vehicle batteries require varying degrees of attention – mainly recharging. A fully charged 24V battery will have a voltage of 25.4V but, if this level drops below 24.8V, a process called sulphation will begin to occur resulting in a drop of the battery's performance and, if not dealt with, will eventually kill the battery.

The unique CTEK system quickly and safely deals with the problems that reduce battery life and cause failure – sulphation and stratification - safely and at the touch of a button. CTEK's dedicated charging programme (or algorithm) goes to work automatically, detecting battery issues and dealing with them systematically to restore power, condition and, at the same time, avoid fluid loss – a major problem with sealed batteries.

Peter White, UK Sales and Marketing Manager at CTEK, commented: "The process of effective battery management has been made even more important following the introduction of stringent emissions regulations. Now, CV's perform more starts per 1000 miles and 'engine off' electrical system power consumption has also increased – all placing additional strain on the battery."

"On a different note, battery warranty claims that are rejected due to poor battery management can have a serious impact on a business's operating costs. One major fleet operator estimated that they had disposed of over £150,000 worth of batteries not covered by warranty in a single year – an amount that no business can afford to forfeit and an amount that could have been easily reduced through a simple battery management routine."

Battery charging has traditionally been seen as a distress activity but with the technology available from CTEK it can become a regular service routine with no disruption to other maintenance activities and the benefits in vehicle reliability and cost saving mean that investing in the right equipment will give a payback in weeks. However, in the CV sphere a 12V Battery Charger very often would be powerful enough the complete the job effectively so ensure that a 24V charger is used.

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