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The pink drone

Ehang pink drone

Drone maker Ehang has done away with chrome and black for one of its craft
EHang has decided to court the female market by making a version of its popular Ghost drone available in pink. It works for some, apparently.

"Most people think drones are only for males," said Kai Jianes, of Ehang. "But we are finding many female climbers and surfers want to use them to take video while they exercise."

Whether they want to take that video with something luminous pink remains to be seen. But Ehang's black Ghost, in traditional quadcopter formation, had already become its bestseller, said Mr Jianes.

"The quadcopter format has become mainstream, it's so stable," he said. "It doesn't require space to take off and, it's more energy efficient."

The batteries in the Ghost last 30 minutes, while Ehang's premium drone, the Skyway, manages 50 minutes.

The difference in time is reflected in the cost.

The Skyway costs $5,000 compared with a starting price of $375 for the Ghost without the attachment needed to hold a camera.

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