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lifepo4 16series 48v (58.4v) 5a battery charger

lifepo4 16series 48v (58.4v)  5a  battery charger
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  • Product Name:lifepo4 16series 48v (58.4v) 5a battery charger
  • Model:lifepo4 48v 5a charger
  • Exhibitors:OSN BATTERY
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This lifepo4 16series 48v(58.4v) 5a battery charger is in CC/CV charging mode and charging voltage for single series is 3.65 volt, which fully recharge battery packs of high capacity

Product Description


1. Input Voltage: 200V-240VAC   50Hz-60Hz
2. Input Current: 4A Max.
3. Power Efficiency: ≥85%(Vin=220Vac, Rated Load)
4. Operating Mode: Switch Mode and Single Chip Controlled
5. Charging Mode: MCU-4 Phases Constant Current and Voltage
6. Protection Characteristics: 
   A: Short Circuit Protection: Automatic
   B: Over Voltage & Current Protection: Automatic
   C: Reverse Polarity Protection
   D: Charging Time Control
   E: Switch Off or Decline Voltage Type Overcharge Protection
7. Ambient Temperature & Humidity Operating: -10℃~+50℃   5%-95%
8. Charging Status Display: Direction on the Charger for Reference
9. Charging Indicator: 
   Charging: Blue Light Flash
   Fully Charged: Green Light Always
   Error: Red Light Flash
10.Dimension: 184x106x55mm (Max.)

Operating Instruction

1. Connect the plug or DC output cord to battery terminals
Warning: Do not connect to a wrong input voltage, or charger will be broken.
2. If the light turns green after power on and flashes blue light after connecting the charger to the battery that means charger is charging the battery. LED light turns green again means the battery is fully charged.

Fault Processing

After plug in power, check LED status;
1. Normal status: Green light is always on means power on, please confirm following steps:
A: Output connector improperly connected or polarity reversed?
----Please charge again after properly connected the charger to the battery.
B: LED light flashes?
----Battery pack in error status.
C: Battery becomes invalid?
----Please replace new battery.
2. Green light doesn't work means no AC input or charger damaged;
A. AC power plug well connected?
----Please charge again after properly plugged in.
B. Power switch on?
----Turn the power switch on to start charging.
C. Charger damaged?
----Return manufacture maintenance.


1. Charger for Lithium or Lead Acid could be found on the charger label.
2. Charger should be placed in well-ventilated environments during charging.
3. Any problem with the charger, please contact us:
4. Do not try to open or repair the charger.
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