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12V 6.9Ah Motorcycle Battery

12V  6.9Ah Motorcycle Battery
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  • Product Name:12V 6.9Ah Motorcycle Battery
  • Model:OSN-MT-4S3P
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You can use this12V 6.9Ah Motorcycle Battery for : 1000cc - 1200 cc I4

Product Description

Save weight where most weight saving Potential is: at the Battery !
Whilst normal Battery's at 7Ah are usually 2.4 kg ( so 5.24 lbs ), this Battery only weights 890 gr., which is 1.96 lbs !!

Motorcycle Battery 12V  6.9AH Recommendations.
Roadbikes ( Carburator or Injected ) with Alternator : use this 6.9Ah-Pack for : 1000cc - 1200 cc I4 , Twins up to 1200cc , V4 up to 1000cc

Racebikes,injected, without Alternator : here you've got average Time to ride ~ 22-25 Minutes.
You also can go for 2 Packs (charging one while you ride the other one ), but you should have fast Access to the Battery then to make this Procedure easy

Racebikes,Carburetor driven, without Alternator: depending on how often you start you should be able to ride a whole day without charging.

This Battery is able to be charged 100% in 15 Minutes with a external Charger !!
The Calculation for the Charger then : the Charger has to have at least 4 times the current of the Battery,
so if you've got a 7 Ah Battery you need a Charger who is able to deliver at least 4x7 Ah = 28 Ah .

Motorcycle Battery 12V  6.9AH The Dimensions:
Lenght: 158 mm
Width: 53 mm
Height: 72 mm
Weight: 890g or 1.96 lbs


These Packs allow a peak current of 300 Amperes for a short period of Time ( for starting )

The weight saving Potential is enormous, but you should keep an eye that this LiPower Pack does not get too hot
( better not more than +70°C)

 This Battery is able to be charged 100% full by a normal Motorcycle rectifier.
Because their dimensions it can be stored in many different Locations
( preferably near the center of Gravity ).


We can prepare the Packs with a massive 6mm hole Connector at the end .
Use the comment field to let me know your desired lenght of cable.



- They will only be assembled from original A123System Cells
- No Hobby-Cells are used, only tested high Quality Industrial-Grade Cells
- Assembly of the Accupacks is self supporting
- 10mm wide cell tabs are applied in multiple layers,depending on amperage
- Welding is by professional resistance welding machines

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