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12V 4.6Ah Motorcycle Battery

 12V 4.6Ah Motorcycle Battery
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  • Product Name: 12V 4.6Ah Motorcycle Battery
  • Model:OSN-MT-4S2P
  • Exhibitors:OSN BATTERY
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12V 4.6AH Motorcycle Battery 4.6 Ah LiPower Accupack is able to start 600cc Bikes as well as 1200cc.

Product Description

12V 4.6AH  Motorcycle Battery  

Model: OSN-MT-4S2P(Motorcycle Battery  12V 4.6AH)

Save weight where most weight saving Potential is: at the Battery !

Here we go, this 4.6 Ah LiPower Accupack is able to start 600cc Bikes aswell as 1200cc.

Recommendations regarding purpose:

I would use this Packs for all Bikes ( up to 1200cc Inline 4s and up to 850cc Twins), which
still have the Alternator on Board.

For pure Racing ( WITHOUT Alternator ) my recommendation is to use this Pack for all NOT injected Bikes.

For all Bikes without Injection this Battery Pack will last ~ 1/2 to 1 full day on track, depending how well the Bike starts.

But, as you can read below, fast charging is not a Problem at all, you can charge this Battery within 15 Minutes Maximum. Average it's 8 Minutes.


- They will only be assembled from original A123System Cells
- 10mm wide connecting tabs are applied
- Welding is by professional resistance welding machines
- Cable: AWG10 or AWG8
- Dimensions: 106 X 72 X 53 mm
- Weight: 655g
- Quick disconnect is optional.
- Ring terminals is optional.

The weight saving Potential is enormous, but you should keep an eye that this LiPower Pack does not get too hot ( better not more than +70°C)
Whilst normal Battery's at ~5Ah are usually 2 kg ( so 4.4 lbs ), this Battery only weights 655 gr., which is 1.44 lbs !!
This Battery is able to be charged 100% full by a normal Motorcycle rectifier.
Because their dimensions it can be stored in many different Locations ( preferably near the center of Gravity ).

So ideally for those who run with no Alternator and Carburator-equipped Bikes.
For Injected Bikes without Alternator I recommend to go for a 6.9Ah or better 9.2 Ah Pack with fast charge between

Sessions or to go go for 2 Packs to swap them when necessary ( either 6.9 or 9.2 Amperes, so you charge one while you ride the other LiPower Pack ).


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