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Nano Lithium-Iron Phosphate

                             NanoLithium-IronPhosphate (0LiFePO4) Batteries to Take Over

    In another segment of “Who KilledtheHydrogenCar?” it has been brought to my attention bysomeonereplying to apost on this blog that hydrogen cars are deadand carswithnano-lithium (LiFePO4) battery technology will takeovertheworld.

As a little background, lithiumironphosphate(LiFePO4)batteries, or nano lithium-ion batteries as theyaresometimescalled, are the newest generation ofrechargeablebatteries on themarket, yet they are not widelyavailable as ofyet. But, this isabout to change. In 2002, engineersat MIT dopedthe batteries withsuch materials as aluminum to achievehigheroutput and morerecently carbon black and graphite have beenusedfor greaterresults.

OSN Power Tech. Co has alreadydevelopedelectricscooters and bicycles using LiFePO4 technology.Currently,the nanolithium iron phosphate battery technology isbeing appliedto thecompany’s production model handicapped electricscooters andin thenear future, electric bicycles with thistechnology will beinproduction as well.

Another company, A123 SystemsofBoston,Massachusetts, was paid a visit by ex-president of USABush,whoexpressed interest in their LiFePO4 technology forplug-inhybridelectric vehicles. A123 Systems has developed aprototypeusing thelithium iron phosphate battery technology tocreate aBattery RangeExtender Module that may one day help hybridvehiclesachievemileage of up to 150 mpg.

Why does electric car technology andhydrogencartechnology have to be mutually exclusive? Whynotcombinetechnologies for the best of both worlds? LikeI’veadvocated forbefore, the most effective combination wouldbeplug-in hybridelectric hydrogen vehicles for zero emissions,longrange and quickrefueling.
Nano Lithium-Iron Phosphate (0LiFePO4) Batteries toTakeOver

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