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new generation power solution

The new generation power solution forElectricVehicle

Advancing technology to changetheworldlithium iron phosphate as cathode (LIFEPO4 technology)

Due to the shortage of fossil fuels and environmental concerns,were convinced that the green energy industry and relatedindustrieswill become the main stream in the coming 30-50 years.This causesa strong demand of rechargeable batteries. However, theexistinglithium ion cell systems including lithium cobalt oxide andlithiummanganese oxide still suffer from low discharge rate,safetyconcern and short cycle life.

To solve those issues, Dr. John Goodenough and his teamatUniversity of Texas patented as potential cathode materialLiFePO4as a potential cathode in 1996. It is a very stable materialdue tothe covalent P-O bonding which stabilize the fully chargedcathodeversus O2 release. scientists have developed the LiFePO4batteryusing lithium iron phosphate as cathode to answer concernsin thebattery for Electric Vehicles and other battery useages..

Under its pure form, the Olivine-structured material showedspecificcapacities up to 170 mAh/g.

new generation power solution

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