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Tesla Now Has More Than

Tesla Now Has More Than 1,000 Reservations for Model S ElectricCar

by Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada on 05.12.09

Cars & Transportation

Image: Tesla Motors

Reservations are $5,000 (Refundable)
The Model S launch was on March 26th, so that's about 22reservations a day (at $
5,000a pop).Not too bad for a $50k car that won't be made until 2011 (I wonderif the David Letterman cameo of theModel S helped?). This compares well to the moreexpensive and less practical Roadster (though that one has theadvantage of actually existing right now): "Tesla has deliveredmore than 400 Roadsters to customers so far. The base price of theRoadster is $101,500 after a $7,500 federal tax credit." Read onfor more details.

"It's Not As Expensive as You Think!" SaysTesla
Tesla tries hard to play on the value of the Model S by comparingit favorably to less expensive models:

But sticker price is only one part of a car’s total cost ofownership. If you account for the much lower cost of electricityvs. gasoline at a likely future cost of more than $5 per gallon,the Model S is equivalent to a gasoline car with a sticker price ofabout $30,000, such as a Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, or even a Toyota Avalon or BMW 3-Series. Those savings are realized immediately if you lease aModel S, so there is no need wait years to earn back the pricedifference.

That's probably a smart strategy in this economy. Downplay the luxury, and focus on how much you'll save on gas... Real-world results will probably vary quite a bit from one Model S driver to the other, but it's still a valid point.


Tesla Now Has More Than

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