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Solar Roadways See Daylight

Solar Roadways See Daylight with Stimulus Package

Solar Roadways See Daylight with Stimulus Package

Posted on February 23rd, 2009 by admin

Abouta year ago, I talked about SolarRoadways and how they were going to revolutionize notonly the solar panel industry but the road construction industry aswell. The idea behind having solar roadways is to replace a portionof our existing 25,000 square miles of existing pavement with toughand efficient photovoltaic panels.

In fact, these glass and composite solar roadway panels are sotough that an 18-wheeler can flip over on them without wiping themout. They also have to be durable and cost-efficient compared toasphalt, not to mention they will produce electricity for homes andbusinesses nearby.

The solar roadways have to beat the current low ball cost of $16per square foot for asphalt with a life expectancy of over 7 years.Solar roadways could be used in residential neighborhoods, nearschools and businesses to supply power. Right now the highways andbyways of the U. S. collect heat and tire wear and give very little back.

The solar roadways will change this by giving back electricity thatis renewable, decentralized and cost efficient when economies ofscale are taken into consideration. Under the currentU. S. stimulus package, President Obama wants to hire constructioncompanies to repair roads and bridges.

He also wants to put people to work building solar panels and otherphotovoltaic projects. Solar Roadways combine these two goals intoone package by employing construction workers in the photovoltaicindustry and vice versa.

Solar Roadways has just been named a finalist in TechInsight’s EE Times fifthAnnual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. So, the next timeyou’re driving down the road, think of how solar-powered streetscould one day be supplying electricity to the homes and businessesin your city and neighborhood. Now, blink and fast forward a coupleof years, and this may just be a reality.


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