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Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline Batteries


Many battery chemistries use alkaline electrolytes but"Alkaline Batteries" usually refers to the Alkaline ManganeseDioxide primary cells described below.


1.5 Volt primary cell

Most popular premium general purpose battery.

In an alkaline cell the electrical energy is essentiallyderived from the reaction of a metal with oxygen.

The Alkaline Manganese Dioxide battery is a variant on theLeclanché cell. As with the Leclanché cell the electrodes are zincand manganese dioxide but the electrolyte is potassium hydroxide(KOH). Potassium hydroxide is also used as the electrolyte in mostof the Nickel based rechargeable cells.


Recently rechargeable cells using this chemistry havebecome available. Known as (RAM) Rechargeable Alkaline Manganesebatteries they offer all the features and benefits of Alkalineprimary cells, with the added benefit of being rechargeable, butwithout the disadvantage of "memory effect".


Similar to, and interchangeable with, zinc carbon Leclanchécells but with as much as double the energy density.

Four times the capacity of a equivalent size rechargeableNickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride cells.

Four to nine times longer life than the equivalentLeclanché cell.

Constant capacity over a wide range of currentdrains.

Suitable for high drain rate applications.

Good shelf life

Better low temperature performance than zinc carbon.Continue to function in sub-zero temperatures.

Less leakage than Leclanché cells

Available in a wide range of sizes including AAA, AA, C, Dand 9Volt sizes.

Suitable for a wide range of consumerapplications

Made from non toxic chemicals


Higher cost than the basic competing zinc carbon Leclanchécells

Not normally rechargeable

25% heavier than Leclanché cells

RAM cells have limited cycle life of about 100 cycles andare only available in AA and AAA sizes.


Premium products


Remote controls



Consumer applications

RAM cells can be interchanged with standard alkaline cells(but not mixed in the same application).


Low cost but about 50% higher than zinc carbon, howeverthese cells are more cost effective because of the longerlife.


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