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Why We Choose LiFePO4 Battery?

Why We Choose LiFePO4 Battery?

LiFePO4 Power Battery: The new generation power solution forElectric Vehicle-----a most advanced technology in the world ---theapplication tendency for lithium iron phosphate as cathode or anode(LIFEPO4 technology).

Due to the shortage of fossilfuels and environmental concerns, we're convinced that the greenenergy industry and related industries will become the main streamin the coming 30-50 years. This causes a strong demand of LiFePO4rechargeable batteries.
Lithium iron phosphate cell has the best safety characteristics,long cycle life (up to 2000 cycles) and good availability. It isvery suitable for high discharge rate application, such as EV(including e-bike, electric scooter, and electric car), powertools, UPS and solar energy system.

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