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China Electric to Set Up Biggest LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery Plant

China Electric to Set Up Biggest LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery Plant

Taipei, July 26, 2010(CENS)--Taiwan-based China Electric Mfg. Corp., a leading lightingproduct maker on the island, and Golden Crown Energy Co. in China,are planning to set up the world`s largest LiFePO4 lithium-ionbattery factory in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China.According toJulie Chou, chairperson of China Electric, the proposed plant willbe initially capitalized at US$90 million, in which China Electricwill hold a majority of 30%. The battery facility will be installedwith 32 pack and 80 cell production lines, with total investmentover the next five years to reach US$250 million, she added.Anothermajor investor in the new battery company is Taiwan-based SupremeElectronics Co., Ltd., which will take a 20% stake.Chou said theinvestment project has drawn attention and support from the localgovernment in China. The new battery plant will be spread over 180acres with annual capacity of 580 million Ah (amp-hour), making itthe world`s largest producer of rapid-charging LiFePO4 lithium-ionbatteries.The first-stage construction in the Changshu EconomicDevelopment Zone includes the standard plant, three batterymaterial lines, and five LiFePO4 lithium-ion cell lines. The newplant will begin mass production late this year with initial annualcapacity of 36 million Ah. A battery-material R&D center and anelectric-vehicle battery/rapid-charging R&D center will also beestablished late this year to closely cooperate with internationalresearch institutes.The second-, third-, and fourth-stageconstructions will be completed by late 2011, with annualcapacities of 150 million Ah, 360 million Ah, and later 580 millionAh.

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