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A123 2300mAh Cells (LiFePO4) A

A123 2300mAh Cells (LiFePO4) A

A123 cells use a patented "Nanophosphate" LiFePO4 chemistry toprovide an alternative to Lithium Polymer (Li-poly) type batteries.Each type has its own advantages. Quality made Lithium Polymer suchas Thunder Power or FlightPower Lite, EVO 25, and EVO 30 seriesoffer the highest possible energy and power density. That meansthat they pack more total power per gram, and are able to dischargemore power in a given time per gram compared to LiFePO4 A123

A123-Brand cells do offer some importantadvantages:

SAFETY - LiFePO4 A123 cells are not prone to "thermal runaway" whensubjected to over-voltage charging. As a result, it is extremelyunlikely that they could catch fire, even if you or your chargermake a mistake in settings.

FAST CHARGE - LiFePO4 A123 cells can be safely charged at rates upto 5C! That means that charging can be accomplished in as little as15 minutes. A Li-poly pack takes more than twice that long, atbest. If you compare a Li-poly battery pack with an a123 batterypack of the same weight, you will typically get more flight timefrom the Li-poly pack "Per Flight". But when you consider the fastcharge capability of the A123 LiFePO4 pack, you may well get muchmore total Flight Time per Day.

CLE LIFE - A123 data states a maximum discharge rate of 30C. Whilethe cells are capable of 30C continuous rates, voltage will dropsubstantially. As such, our extensive tests lead us to recommendProp/Motor/Battery combinations such that 20C is the maximumcurrent drawn when the A123 pack is freshly charged. Tests showthat when used properly the A123 packs are capable of well over �cycles with less than 15% drop incapacity.

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