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A123 2300mAh Cells (LiFePO4) B

A123 2300mAh Cells (LiFePO4) B

SHELF LIFE - In addition to theirexcellent cycle life, A123 LiFePO4 cells have been shown to degradevery little over a two-year period while unused. Even the bestLi-poly may lose 10% capacity or more over two years of storage.Poor quality Li-poly may become unusable in less then a year, bycomparison.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The cylindrical A123 cell construction ismore durable than typical Li-poly cells, and so less likely toincur daily dents, dings, and damage from light crashes.

Total Cost of Ownership - A123 LiFePO4 cylindrical cells are veryreasonably priced in comparison to quality Li-poly alternatives "UpFront". But the real value comes in over time, as the long CycleLife, long Shelf Life, and Durable Construction all combine tolower the total cost per flight over the life of an a123 batterypack. In other words, you get a lot more flights for the money youspend. In particular, don't be fooled by the low initial cost of"some" Li-poly packs. In many cases these packs provide even lessenergy density than LiFePO4 cells, can not be safely fast chargedand often last less than 20 flights before "worn out".

 Sodoes that mean everyone should rush to A123 cells, rather thanhigh-quality Li-poly? Not necessarily. It really depends on whatyour needs and preferences are. For applications that requiremaximum power and minimum weight - such as EDF Jets, "Serious 3D"Aerobatic models, Thermal Gliders, and Pylon racers - LithiumPolymer clearly remain the best choice. But if you don't mind alittle more weight (and/or less time per flight), then the A123 mayoffer irresistible advantages foryou.

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