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Choosing an Electric Bike Battery

Choosing an Electric Bike Battery

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as a green and healthymeans of virtually sweat-free transport. Whilst popular in Asiathey are still something of a niche market in Europe and the USpartly due to battery weight and the inconvenience of rechargingtimes.

With worldwide emphasis on finding more eco-friendly methods oftransport however, the spotlight is back on battery-powered methodsof transport so technological advances are filtering their waythrough the to e-bike market.
How Electric Bikes Work

Motorized electric bicycles offer power-assisted cycling, themotor being powered by a rechargeable battery. The cyclist stillhas to do some assignment abnormally back starting off andadditionally on hills although the ache of adamantine pedaling istaken off the addition by application the motor. Lazy riders canopt to let the motor do about all the assignment but that wears themotor out added bound and runs the array bottomward faster.
Main Types of Electric Bike Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA). Cheap to produce, most Electric bikes inrecent years have used SLAs. They are around maintenance-free andaccept a aerial activity body but they are actual abundant(typically 30 lb.), cannot be charged quickly and will eventuallydie when the battery cells are old.

Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH). The advantage of NiMH batteries istheir adeptness to fast allegation additional they are lighter andbeneath baneful than SLAs whilst advancement aerial activitydensity. Performance, however, is reduced in cold weather and theyneed to be fully discharged at set intervals to maximize batterylife.

Price and weight are two key factors to consider but it isimportant to compare the performance, longevity and rechargingtimes of each battery before purchase.

Many manufacturers abate array weight by compromising abilityachievement so it is important to apprehend the baby bookcarefully. A cyclist wanting to use an e-bike for regular commutingmay well need to invest in a light Lithium battery with a fastrecharge option to avoid having to carry a spare as back-up.Occasional cyclists, on the other hand, may be happy with a cheaperSLA battery.


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