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How to proper use and maintain lithium-ion battery

How to proper use and maintain lithium-ion battery? accordance with the stipulated time and procedures to charge
2.when the power is low, the charge must be in time
3.not charge overtime and over-discharge
4.maintenance of the vast majority of electric vehicle batteries are based on lifepo4 batteries, the battery performance is better, it is widely used in the electric vehicle battery industry, but even the best products require proper use and careful maintenance, otherwise, or people will show various problems. So, How to proper use and maintain lithium-ion battery?


First, we must follow the prescribed time and procedures to charge

We all know that LifePO4 battery cycle life is higher 60 percent of than ordinary batteries.the life of the ordinary battery is generally in a year and a half to two years, while Lifepo4 battery in three years or even longer, the results is in the context of the time and in accordance with normal procedures to be used to get, if not in accordance with the provisions, even Lifepo4 battery will be shorten battery life.

Second, the power is too low, they must be promptly charged.

lithium iron phosphate battery life is twenty percent higher than the average,so even in the same low capacity, lithium iron phosphate is still able to travel a distance. But this will cause great harm to the battery, lithium iron phosphate manufacturers therefore advisable in low battery indicator, when a timely manner to the electric car battery. At the same time, it is recommended not to fast-charge, fast charge is harmful for Lifepo4 battery.

Third, no long-charging and over-discharge

According to the manufacturers’ feedback survey of lithium iron phosphate,many users will think ultra-long battery charging is good for electric vehicles, so you can charge a little more power, in fact, this will hurt the battery in the way, causing the battery reduced capacity, it is recommended not to use the wrong way. The excessive discharge results in reduced battery plate active material, thereby reducing the battery capacity, endurance capacity and reduce its service life.

Fourth, maintenance tips

It was also mentioned before the use of lithium iron phosphate battery life can be more than three years, while the average battery is also one and a half to two years, which is under normal circumstances, that is to say, if not for maintenance, it will lead to further reduce battery life, less than optimal results. Under normal circumstances, either the user or the manufacturers are required to charge the battery in time, discharge, so as to ensure that the battery capacity is not reduced. Meanwhile, in driving the process, to minimize the brakes, uphill outside help to save power consumption.

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