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OSN Electric Bike Batteries

OSN Electric Bike Batteries

We have four styles of Lithium Ion battery for Electric Bike B. Frog, Silverfish, Rack Mount Water Bottle. We also have racks for rack mount batteries .

Also we do OEM.

Frog batteries

These are light and compact and lock on to a post mount base. We supply them in 24V x 10AH and 36V x 10AH we also offer the mounting base and lock and ignition switch if required.        

Frog Battery

Frog Battery showing input and output ports

Sliver Fish Batteries

These slide down behind the seat post tube. We supply them in 36V 10AH and have two different base styles to fit either 2 pin or 4 pin connection pins. We also offer connection pin harnesses and bases replacement key switches with locking pin if necessary.

Silver-Fish Battery

Underside (output ports)

Charging Port

Rack Mount Battery

These batteries slide into a special carry rack They key lock into the rack and luggage can be carried above the battery. We supply them in 36V 10AH and also offer rack mount batteries.

Bottle Type Batteries

 The common bottle type batteries are 24V 10Ah ,36V 10Ah.we can use LiFePO4 and Li-ion cells to make them.


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