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Communications UPS backup power options

Communications UPS backup power options

As the communications industry continues to grow in cloud computing, data streaming services, effective and reliable backup power is essential. Communications USP backup power should be able to meet the test of a variety of extremely harsh conditions, either wireless or wired, indoor or outdoor, and network or independent network device structures, urban environment, hot or cold areas or inaccessible locations.
Select the UPS backup battery for the base station, you need to pay attention to:
1, can adapt to the harsh environment, placed in outdoor cabinets can adapt to high temperatures;
2, to optimize the quality and volume;
3, superior performance, long life, high reliability, tolerance and strong;
4, easy to use: for communication charging system, low maintenance or maintenance-free;
5, cost-effective, low cost of ownership;

With more and more high level of the battery, lithium iron phosphate battery costs also declined.

We look at the advantages of lithium iron phosphate:

1.A long life. Lead-acid battery cycle life of about 300 times, up to 500 times. The lithium iron phosphate batteries up to 2000 times.
2 safe, lithium iron phosphate completely solve the problem of security risks Department of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide.
3 high current fast charge and discharge. Under the dedicated charger, 1.5C charge within 40 minutes to make the battery is full, the starting current of up to 2C, and lead-acid batteries are now no such function.
4. High Temperature Resistance
5  Lifepo4 cells with large capacity.
6  Lifepo4 cells no memory effect.

7  Environmental friendly .

Finally, in a combination of the advantages of lithium iron phosphate as well as reduce the impact of adverse factors, the lithium iron phosphate batteries is the best choice in all of our selection.

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