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Whether lead-acid battery charger and Li battery charger can be interchangeable?

With lithium battery fast development instead of lead-acid battery, some people bought a electric vehicle with lead-acid battery and then replaced by electric vehicle with lithium battery , buyers will wonder: lead-acid battery charger you used before can be used lithium battery charging? In this regard, it is not feasible as the relevant information.

Normally the charging mode of the lead-acid battery charger will be set into two-stage or three-stage , the voltage of lithium batteries and lead-acid battery is not matched. And there are many kinds of lithium batteries, battery performance and battery protection board parameters are likely to be different. Therefore, lithium battery is not same as lead-acid battery which has a universal battery charger, Generally speaking, lithium batteries are shipped with a dedicated charger when out of factory. To protect the lithium battery, we suggest to use the dedicated charger.
The following related issues should be noted when lithium battery is charged:

1, In order to extend the life of lithium battery, lithium battery often needs to be charged and discharged. after riding electric vehicles please recharged lithium battery when consuming 80% capacity of lithium battery,Don’t wait to run out of power before recharging. In addition, lithium battery should not be kept for a long time.

2, When charging lithium batteries for electric vehicles, we must turn off the locks of power,and the battery can not be inverted. It Should be charged fully once , not in multiple charging.

3, Electrical power loss should not be in the state of storage, when the battery is not uesed for a long time,pls charging fully once one month.

4, While charging the lithium battery needs to use relative charger, because battery materials are different from production process, technical requirements for chargers may be not the same, so only use a dedicated charger to make lithium batteries last longer, and prevent security risks.

5, When the lithium battery is out of capacity, you should turn off the power, and you can not use pick-up voltage driving, to prevent serious loss of power, so as to prolong battery life.

6, While charging lithium battery for electric vehicles, the charge indicator shows when fully charged and then charging 1 to 2 hours more, don’t immediately stop charging.

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