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OSN power motorcycle start battery pack

OSN power motorcycle battery start from the A123 battery which has been for 8 years. A123 original battery with a 30C continuous current, is the originator of battery power. So the a123 battery is the most suitable for start..

As we all know that the lifepo4 start battery is less,especially the A123 systems cells. So we play to our ability to do a battery pack and continuous improvement. After some of years to encounter the problems and continuous improvement, we have been able to skilled master of this battery. The most important thing is that we can provide a good service for different customers.

OSN battery offers the most power in the smallest package you can find for motor sports. There is no Power sports battery model on the market that has this type of power! This battery is best used for applications where Extreme POWER in an ultra compact size are desired such as Large V-Twins Motors, Touring bikes, Adventure Bikes and Race Cars.

Features of OSN POWER Motorcycle start battery pack:
1.Start battery can assembly according to your required configuration
2.Start battery can add a plastic case to protect the pack,we right now have the case which can contain 32pcs power 26650 cells. The hard case also can customized according to customer’s requirements.
3.Start battery will use Anderson dis-connector,or according to customer’s demand to add relative charger.
4.Start battery can add balancing connector when you have balancing charger which will last the pack life cycle.If you want to check the pack,the 12V 4.6AH pack start a 720cc motor is no problem.

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