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Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack, comprised of battery cells, BMS, charger and protector, featuring in small volume, light weight, long life, high specific energy, wide range of temperature, is an ideal substitute for traditional fuel-running vehicles.

OSN is supplying lifepo4 batteries to electrical vehicle applications, ranging from electric bikes to full size electrical vehicles like sedans, wagons, van, trucks and buses. OSN lifepo4 batteries for electrical vehicles feature unprecedented quality and reliability for tough applications of automobile requirement.OSN provides full turnkey services including customized engineering design, prototyping, system integration advices, safety approvals and high volume mass productions. OSN assigns experienced product development team to work together closely with customers to design and perfect battery solutions to requirements from each customer. OSN lifepo4 batteries are offered in various formats ranging from bare cells, to cell modules and to sophisticated battery packs completed with battery management systems (BMS) and communication capabilities.


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OSN offers standard electrical vehicles battery cells with capacity steps like 20/40/60/80 Ah or specific customized design based on unique requirement of high volume usage customers. The electrical vehicle battery cells are generally divided into high power density and high energy density types catering for different needs for HEV/PHEV and full EVs. This type of battery cells are specially designed for high reliability and longevity as far as durability for vehicle applications. These battery products are available in various levels of integration, ranging from single discrete cells, to modules formed by aggregation of cells, to complete battery packs finished with all sensors and switches, software, communication interfaces and battery management system. Either customers purchase single discrete cells or complete battery pack system or subsystems, OSN provides design and technical supports to assist customers in the system integration process.


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