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Electric Golf Trolley

Electric golf trolleys are designed to carry a golf bag, clubs, and other golf equipment. An electric golf trolley is a hybrid of two more familiar products, the manual golf trolley and the electric golf cart. Like a manual pull or push golf trolley, an electric golf trolley is operated by the golfer who steers it around the course. However, like an electric golf cart, an electric golf trolley provides a mechanical advantage to the user that requires less physical effort than its manual counterpart.

Typically electric golf trolleys are battery powered. Many golfers prefer to walk the course instead of driving in a cart, but do not want that experience diminished by having to haul heavy equipment. Also, human caddy's can be expensive, and may affect the experience as a third party stranger is introduced into the golfing group. Electric golf trolleys allow golfers to more thoroughly enjoy a round of golf because it alleviates the strain of carrying a golf bag around. There are a variety of options and features available on electric golf trolleys, so shoppers should conduct extensive due diligence to ensure they make the appropriate purchasing decision.

Background of Electric Golf Trolleys

While a manual pull or push trolley can help relieve some of the stress of lugging around a golf bag, electric golf trolleys are growing more popular. Originally seen as a product intended only for senior players to alleviate the physical demands of carrying a golf bag over the length of the course, nowadays all age groups are beginning to utilise electric golf trolleys due to a positive effect on golfing performance. Although golf is not typically thought of as a sport requiring a high level of physical exertion, proper mechanics are essential to consistent success.

Usefulness of Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric golf trolleys are designed with strength, agility, and reliability in mind. They can manoeuvre all types of courses and assist with uphill and downhill slopes. They often include rechargeable batteries that are weather and temperature tested making them extremely reliable. Golfers who may play numerous rounds in a day should consider either multiple batteries, or batteries with an extended lifespan. One final benefit of electric golf trolleys is the ability to play more. The reduced stress on the golfer's body along with the increased speed of an electric golf trolley, allows golfers to play more golf and worry less about the logistics of moving around the course.


Electric golf trolleys are powered by rechargeable batteries,, typically 36 or 48 volts. Higher powered models are available for players who either need additional assistance, or who frequently play logistically challenging courses. Some electric golf trolleys can be remotely controlled as well. Golfers steer the trolley and navigate the walking paths that lead players around the course. The batteries are typically charged the night before use, and provide enough power for a full day of golf.


Electric golf trolley batteries are recharged, much like any other rechargeable batteries, requiring only to be plugged into a basic electrical outlet. Typically, the batteries require between eight and twelve hours to fully charge, so players must plan accordingly. Other charging options may be available. Some carts can recharge either while in use from the kinetic energy generating by using the trolley, or from the friction that results when the brakes are applied. For rental purposes, often these alternative charging strategies are desirable due to the heavy usage of the trolleys.

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