Applications of lithium titanate battery 2019-11-22

Lithium titanate batteries(LTO batteries) are with many significant advantages:ultra-high safety (non-flammable non-explosive), long life, wide range of work at high and low temperature(-40 ~ 65 ℃), high power, low cost (calculated according to the cost of each cycle, price is not high) and green. Disadvantages are: li low energy density, strong water absorption, higher environment requires in battery production. With the advantages and disadvantages of lithium titanate batteries(LTO batteries), we analyze direction of adaptation and development of lithium titanate batteries in the future market.

LTO batteries for Electric BUS

Electric buses can be divided into short-distance and long-distance transportation in two directions. Electric buses have an important feature : it has more tolerance on bulk density of lithium batteries than that of passenger cars. However,  long-distance vehicles need higher energy density, so it is impossible to use lithium titanate batteries.

Electric city buses usually have relatively stable or fixed operation routes and are deployed in the city. Therefore, the charging device is relatively easy to lay and provides the possibility of short-distance operation in fast charging. In this filed lithium titanate battery has comparative advantages. Lithium titanate battery can be charged 90% within 9 minutes. Short-distance operation asks the volume requirements of lithium titanate battery also relatively reduced.

Yinlong energy company had developed electric bus with LTO 66160 batteries.

LTO batteries for Electric cargo vans and special vehicles

The fast charge characteristics of lithium titanate batteries make up the shortcomings of its energy density and bulk density, which have advantages for city-operated short-haul vehicle like Electric cargo vans, forklift,special vehicles.

LTO batteries for Small passenger car

From a technical point of view, The key point of passenger car battery is endurance mileage, so the energy density and bulk density two indicators is the core issue.

Li(NiCoMn)O2 battery with relative high energy density is main product in the current mainstream lithium products market. lithium iron phosphate batteries also occupy a certain market. Because there is no advantage in the energy density and bulk density on lithium titanate batteries, so basically in the future this application can not be the main market for lithium titanate products. But Lithium titanate battery with high current charge and discharge and safety features, it possible be  the alternative to the traditional fuel car startup battery.

LTO batteries for Energy storage

For large-scale energy storage applications, such as new energy storage stations, grid staggering peaks , because of the very low volume requirement, but also for high demand on battery life. from these two point of view,lithium titanate batteries have excellent advantage. In terms of the life cycle of lithium titanate batteries, the payback period of investment with large-scale projects is also more suitable, while the average cost of the project has advantages.

In a word, for lto battery, it was first exposed in domestic lithium battery market in 2015, and in just two years, it gained great respect in the field of power battery. In 2016, the national output of lithium titanate batteries reached about 933 million kilowatt hours, with a substantial increase in output for two consecutive years and a continuous expansion of production capacity. Some people attributed the success of lithium titanate to the guidelines and the demand for the release of China's electric vehicle policy. As everyone knows, this is only the tip of the iceberg in the future energy ecosystem.

Other Markets

Lithium Titanate batteries also wildly used for car start and car audio application especially in Russia, US and some EU countries.

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