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The Safest Electric Bicycle/Scooter Battery
Mar , 27 2021

We are a professional battery manufacturer with a history of 13 years, and we have conducted in-depth cooperation with the world's top technical team to continuously develop new battery solutions and obtain a number of patents. After 2 years of research and development, we have overcome technical difficulties and designed the safest batteries for bicycles/scooters and other small vehicles.

Using our safest battery, users will not encounter this situation, that is, the battery catches fire due to abnormal conditions during the charging process.

1. Real-time protection

Our battery pack and charger will always exchange data. If the battery itself is abnormal, it will shut down immediately and send information to the charger in time to stop charging. If the charger is abnormal, it will turn off the output in time and send the information to the battery pack in time. The communication function realizes multiple protections.

2. Multiple protection

Basic protection functions: over-charge protection, over-discharge protection;

Enhanced protections: over-current protection, high temperature protection, low temperature protection, short circuit protection;

Additional functions: balance function, protection delay function, communication function;

3. Reliable protection

The whole scheme has high precision, low power consumption, high cost performance, high integration, low failure rate, stable reliability and high safety. The parameter indicator can be flexibly set according to actual needs, and is professionally matched with various lithium battery packs for different applications.

We are willing to update your current battery with the most advanced technology! If needed, more detailed information and tests will be sent.

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