Lithium Batteries in OSN POWER
40 Years’ Life 48V 40Ah 80Ah LTO Wall Mount Solar ESS Battery--OSN POWER
Mar , 12 2020

To whom it may need lithium batteries or interested in LTO( Lithium Titanate Batteries)

We would like to introduce to you our wall-mount LTO solar batteries, which has adopted the world’s most advanced lithium battery technology - LTO battery, boasting the below extraordinary advantages:

1. 40-Year battery service life, 20-Year max. super long warranty

The LTO batteries have super long cycle life of 25,000 to 30,000 times, 100% DOD, equivalent to 40 years of service life. We offer 20 year max super long warranty period for LTO solar batteries.

2.Super good High/Low Temperature Performance at -50℃ ~60℃

The LTO batteries can be charged and discharged from extremely low temperature- 50℃ to ultra-high temperature 60℃, suitable for energy storage in extremely hot/cold countries and areas where other battery chemistry doesn’t work.

3.Wide inverter compatibility

Our solar batteries have commissioned for communication and compatibility with the major inverter brands such as Victron, Huawei, Luxpower, MPS, Megarevo,Goodwe, Growatt, Voltronic, Kehua, Kstar, East, Luxpower, Megarevo, INVT, Ginlong, Sacolar, Sofar, etc.

Meanwhile, we are able to sustainable supply and sales of hundreds model of branded cells produced by biggest battery manufacturer CATL/CALB/Yinlong in China.

Any interest, welcome to reply us to get quotation and datasheet.

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