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Mar , 12 2020

We OSN Power are professional lithium battery solution provider for various applications: ESS, EV,Forklift,Marine,Golf cart etc.

With more than 12 years experience on lithium battery industry, we supply brand battery cell(CATL / CALB etc) produced by biggest battery manufacturer in China.

As we purchase and stock these brand batteries in large quantities each time, we can get the lowest price based on same quality.

This year, our company’s strategy has been adjusted. On the basis of providing high-quality batteries, we will try our best to give much profits to our customers and let our customers make money. What we can get is that our sales volume will increase, then we are able to stock more batteries.

Although our profit is narrow, we can still make some money after our sales increased, this is a virtuous circle.

We just take one batch of fresh,top quality CATL brand Lithium ion(NCM) 50Ah/53Ah/55Ah/60Ah/72Ah/100Ah. LiFePO4 3.2v 120AH/ 200AH batteries, CALB brand 72AH/75AH/80AH batteries.

Please kindly check photo below.

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