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Upgrade model ---LiFePO4 12V165AH with GROUP 31 size (L330*W172*H220mm)
Mar , 01 2022

Upgrade model ---LiFPO4 12V165AH with GROUP 31 size (L330*W172*H220mm)

Welcome to OSN POWER Website, below we would like to introduce our upgrade new model LiFPO4 12V165AH with GROUP 31 size (L330*W172*H220mm).

The OSN POWER Lithium 12V 165Ah 2112Wh battery is an ideal replacement for your older lead acid or AGM batteries.  At a fraction of the weight this battery will out perform lead acid and AGM batteries of the same group/size.The 12v-165Ah battery is perfect for boats, RV’s, golf carts, automobile, car starting off grid applications and much more.  Most standard charges will work with these batteries but contact OSN POWER at to confirm compatibility.

As is known to all, group 31 case can only support 12V 100Ah, now we can upgrade it to 12V 165Ah.

1. As we to know, you competitor can only sell 100AH or 125Ah most, but you can sell it in 165AH. We have some customers are upgrading now, we hope you can consider to keep up with the trend.

2. This is the best choice for end users. Customers don’t need to buy a larger battery with larger case, they only need to get a larger capacity in the same GROUP 31 size case .

3. This 12V 165Ah is good for RV(Putting under the seat), marine, or car starting, it will win more business for you.

4. Cells are IEC Listed and designed for over 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. This means well over 16 years of use even if you deep discharge it EVERY DAY!  Features 99% Operating Efficiency vs 80% for AGM batteries. This is like adding 20% to your solar panels! BMS is a 16YR design life.


---Super high output BMS, intergrated oversized high compression BMS with 1400A cranking amps, so it can be used as starting.

---99% Efficiency LiFePo4 12-Cell Pack

---Environmentally Friendly & Lead Free

---Stress-Free Battery Bank Expansion Capacity

---Longer Lasting; 16-20 year Design Life

---Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management.

Datasheet as below for your reference:

OSN POWER is the number one LiFePO4 Battery China supplier. Lithium batteries have a 20 times higher cycle life than conventional sealed lead-acid batteries. They also have a 5 times higher float life and are about 60% lighter in weight. OSN POWER lithium iron phosphate batteries are designed with LiFePO4 technology, promoting an excellent battery cycle life and an enhanced safety performance. All OSN POWER lithium batteries have a built-in battery management system (BMS). The main features of the BMS are under-voltage protection during discharge, over-voltage protection during recharge, over-current protection, over-temperature cut-off, short-circuit protection and single-cell equalization. OSN POWER LiFePO4 batteries are available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V. Can’t find the battery you’re looking for? We offer 100% customizable lithium battery solutions. Buy now and take advantage of our cost-effective Lithium batteries

OSN POWER 12V 165Ah is designed for both engine starting and deep cycle application, you can use it for camping car, automobile and boat starting. Dual-purpose use battery are very popular these days.

We suggest customers to add some on your website to attract more customers and win more market, new technology and product will help you capture more market share. With our upgrade 12V 165Ah deep cycle and engine starting batteries, customers no need to buy two batteries, one for deep cycle and the other for starting. It will save you more cost!

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