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Why Its Worth Switching To An Lithium RV Battery
Apr , 18 2022

You've probably heard the discussion around the campfire about lithium batteries versus lead-acid/AGM/GEL batteries that power RVs. Many RVers have been replaced their lead acid battery with lithium batteries. But you may still have questions. Why its worth switching to  lithium RV batteries? In today' s blog, we will tell you the reasons.

As is known to all, battery” is an essential part of any RV. In addition to being used to start the engine, the battery is also used to run certain functions in the RV. The most common type of battery in an RV (and most vehicles) is a lead-acid battery. These batteries consist of lead plates immersed in an electrolyte solution of water and sulfuric acid, allowing them to store and output electricity.

Of course, there are a variety of different types of lead-acid batteries to choose from. While they often require some maintenance, lead-acid batteries have long been the standard in RVs because they are relatively inexpensive and simple. So, selecting a lithium RV battery is the smartest way to prevent battery failure and other technical difficulties associated with lead acid alternatives. Typically, your 12-volt battery will power your 12-volt lights, stove ignition, and various other "basic" components. So using a lithium battery for RV is more convenient, no need to invert the voltage again.

Are you considering switching your RV from lead acid to lithium? You might be curious about how these batteries compare and why one is better than the other. In our this blog, we'll explain how lithium-ion batteries have far surpassed lead-acid batteries, especially when used in RV, cravan, campers

Lithium RV batteries have several advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries

· They can store and output more power(KWH), which translates to more electricity for longer periods of time.

· Meanwhile, Lithium RV batteries have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. This means they can pack the same amount of power into a smaller and lighter case/enclosure, small battery but powerful energy.

· Lithium RV batteries also maintain a higher voltage as they discharge. While a lead-acid battery’s voltage will steadily decrease when it discharges, lithium batteries will output the same voltage until they’re about 80% discharged.

· When an lithium RV battery discharges, it recharges much quicker. lithium RV batteries charge four times faster than lead-acid batteries!

· Lithium RV batteries need less maintenance than many lead-acid/agm/gel batteries.

· The biggest advantage of lithium-ion RV batteries is how long their lifespan is. While a lead-acid battery needs replacing every few years, lithium RV batteries can last 10 years or more. So if a battery can use 10 years, why you buy 5 battery for 10 years, its a waste of money and energy.

· Lithium RV batteries reduce weight by as much as 75% compared to traditional lead acid batteries

· Lithium ion batteries are capable of withstanding cold, harsh conditions. OSN POWER 12 VOLT lithium RV batteries provide more than 85% of their power while lead acid batteries lose almost 35%

In conclusion, lithium batteries solved many shortcoming of lead-acid battery, however, it also created new challenges. Lithium batteries have created safety concerns due to high heat generation, but dont worry, there is a Battery Management System (BMS) to protect the battery from over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature, over-current protection, balancing, short-circuit protection, Anti-reverse or Anti-polarity. But it can also cause undesirable power losses and they can be complicated to use. At OSN POWER, we have designed a RV lithium battery from the ground up and eliminate all of the obstacles. Here please check the link ---- A Upgrade model ---LiFPO4 12V165AH with GROUP 31 size (L330*W172*H220mm)

Many customer prefer to limit the search to small, local battery providers. But in order to find the best RV battery for your customers’ needs, widen your search to include the global market. Partnering with a global battery supplier can help you find what you need more easily, because larger suppliers have a wider range of stock options to choose from. You may also receive better value batteries. Please look for a trusted and responsible partner who provides you with 24-hour online service, you don't have to worry about finding a solution, at OSN POWER, every customer is worth providing professional technical support according to their project, we will analyze the market for you, and serve you sincerely. Please click here at for lithium battery inquiry.More support,welcome to contact us at

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