Car Audio Batteries

With huge demand of car audio batteries from car audio enthusiasts , clubs and businessmen, OSN Power began to research,design and develop a series of high-current, light weight, cost-effective, stable quality lithium car audio batteries. And we have become the biggest player in the lithium car audio battery market.

Our lithium car audio battery utilize latest LiFePO4 technology which obtain safe, reliable, up to 60C peak discharge, bringing all car audio enthusiasts a "auditory feast".

At the same time, in order to satisfy some customers’ special requirement of enjoy it in the extremely cold environment, we have updated the technology and work it out by using lithium titanate batteries(LTO battery) with excellent performance of low-temperature feature, super long cycle life of up to 30,000 times and high current/quality.

OSN Power specializes in LiFePO4 car audio batteries and LTO car audio batteries. Main types are LiFePO4 12V 15Ah/25AH/45AH/70AH/100AH, 16V 100AH batteries, LTO 12V 10AH/30AH/50AH/80AH etc .We can also sell battery cells separately to meet DIY customers, and welcome group buy.

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