Energy Storage Battery 2019-11-22

At present, energy storage battery is the most widely used communication power source , but the most troubling issue is its short cycle life. Even lead batteries, which have relatively good cycle performance, are lasted for only one year when being frequently used in the areas of poor grid. In addition, the lead battery life greatly depends on its operating temperature, the increasing temperature will accelerate plate corrosion and dehydration, resulting in the shorter battery life then.

More important is the matter of environmental protection.

Lead battery pollution occurs mainly in the process of manufacturing, recycling and melting

For this problem, lithium batteries gradually get into people's sight, with less comprehensive, it can completely replace the traditional lead-acid batteries, which has become an indispensable necessity in the national energy storage industry.

Lithium-ion battery has been used for more than 20 years in the field of mobile phones, as a backup power,it is an absolute new army in the communications site.

Lithium batteries have a natural advantage of environment protection

Materials used in lithium batteries do not contain polluting metals, like  cadmium and mercury which are harmful for our health. Lithium batteries produce no pollutants in the process of production and using, ensuring to protect human health. When recycling the waste batteries, it will not bring water and soil pollution, which ensure the protection of environment.

Nowadays, the newly developed lithium iron phosphate battery adapts  more to the extreme power generation environment, it can be used at low temperature, the service life has been greatly extended in the result of enhancing the stability of the battery.

For the electrical performance, lithium iron phosphate battery is fully beyond the traditional lead battery in the battery cycle life, high temperature characteristics, charge-discharge rate performance and energy density.

For example, the same capacity of lead batteries and the new lithium iron phosphate batteries whose volume and weight are 1/2 or 1/3 of lead-acid batteries, the latter can be placed on any direction, there is no special requirement on the building space, load-bearing , which greatly reduced site rental costs. In addition, the excellent high temperature characteristics of LiFePO4 battery can reduce air conditioning configuration and power consumption at the base station , even being theft, the recovery value is not valuable.

In OSN POWER, we take lithium ion batteries and Lithium-iron phosphate batteries as material to produce mass batteries like motorcycle batteries and solar batteries. We put much effort on these two fields, most of them are 12 volt high power or high output lithium batteries

For all our Lithium Batteries, we support Brand Battery Distributorship, we are dedicated to provide you innovative products with high profit and market protection. For this, we have designed the car audio batteries for one of the customer in America, we two company are in best cooperation

OSN POWER supply you with OEM/ODM production, we can design your brand & logo, your unique requirements.

More important, great buying energy storage system form OSN POWER, we have One-stop Service for power storage batteries distribution, optimal installation, we provides customized home energy batteries, UPS batteries or  solar panel solutions for household,commercial storage system.

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