Energy Storage Systems

What distinguishes us from other solar battery supplier are:

1. 2.4KWH 48V 50Ah 3U, 5KWH 48V 100Ah 5U standard choice. 48V 500Ah and higher capacity energy storage batteries customized.

2.High quality BMS (Battery Management System) :We use Mult-functional BMS with built-in IC compatible with military standards for over-current, over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, adverse-polarity connection, balancing functions.

And the MOSFET and IC, the most important parts of BMS, are all quality brand. BMS with protocal RS485 and Can communication are available.

3.Automatic Welding , quality assembly materials and exquisite workmanship: the battery packs are spot welded by automatic welder (please check attached pictures) for high accuracy and minimized energy consumption; and all the welding materials including nickle tabs and wires can resist high current; our worked are trained for skills and expertise.

4.Strict QC standards: we have strict QC procedure and standards to keep the failure rates under 0.2%.

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