Fish Longer ,Go Faster ------ Your next lithium marine battery 2022-01-21

A frequently asked questions is: Can I replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries for my boat?

The answer is yes, there are many benefits when replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries :

1.Weight dispersion seems to be a common factor across all leisure industries,when you reduce weight by switching from a lead-acid to a lighter lithium battery, you will find that your boat will be easier to tow, and its performance and speed on the water will improve.

2. Lithium Batteries do come with a higher price tag; however, the Lithium batteries have 2,000 – 6,000 cycles and much more if you use correctly, giving you several times the life expectancy of standard lead acid batteries. When considering the usable capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries, they work out cheaper than lead acid. When you add the cost and inconvenience of replacing a new lead-acid battery .

3.Spend More Time On The Water, Less On Battery Issue.

No one wants to have battery problem when are ready for leisure or sport ,OSN POWER lithium marine batteries have Bluetooth monitoring system in place to provide exact state of charge to give you a piece of mind. With a few taps on your cell phone, you’ll know whether your batteries are good to go or not. It’s that easy. Also calculates real time run time or charge time under existing condition.

4.A major benefit in running lithium is while out fishing and more electronics or pumps are kicked on you do not get a voltage drop! Unlike SLA batteries you do not get a voltage drop as more amps are pulled out of the battery you also get to use 100% of the storage capacity instead of the 50% in SLA batteries.

Our current hot selling models are 12v50Ah,12v100Ah,12v150Ah and 12v200Ah etc .

Also we can design APP according to your requirements ,if you have any needs on bluetooth batteries ,welcome to contact us !

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