Golf Cart Batteries

OSN Power 36V lithium golf cart battery and 48V lithium golf cart battery are standard replacements for golf carts with lead acid batteries.

Our 36V and 48V lithium batteries for Electric golf carts at a 36 volt or 48 volt electrical drive system achieves excellent performance compares to all lead acid/AGM batteries.

  • Play and plug design-simple and easy to convert your golf cart 6 - 6V lead batteries to our only one 36V lithium battery, 8 -6V Lead Batteries to our one 48V lithium battery.

  • Built-in Battery management systems with all range of protection function-deliver max efficiency and safest performance.
  • Much power Storage-More than 50% power storage vs lead Acid Batteries. contributes to more mileage and run farther.
  • Lighter weight&Smaller -obtain battery cells with latest LiFePO4 technology, our lithium golf cart battery weigh only 70% lighter and 50% smaller than lead acid battery.

  • 5 times life span than lead acid battery--a life expectancy of 5000 cycle

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