Good Chioce LiFePO4 Lithium iron Phosphate Battery For Forklift 2022-01-25
In recent years, the lithium-ion battery industry has developed rapidly. Considering safety, lifespan and energy density ratio, many customers have replaced traditional lead-acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the demand for lithium iron batteries has further increased.

Currently For the cells, we can offer you:

CALB 3.2V 68AH 72AH,80AH cells 

CATL 3.2V 60AH,120AH,150AH,200AH,240AH 272AH.

EVE 3.2V 50AH,56AH,105AH,230AH,280AH.

All these cells can be used for Forklift,EV,Motorbike,Energy storage system,Solar energy,Golf cart,camping car,Camping Car,Electric Patrol Car,AGV,Marine application.

At present, many customers want to make battery packs by themselves, which not only saves costs, but also provides customized products to end customers.

Therefore, our company currently provides suitable solutions for this type of customers:
For some batteries that need to be connected by a laser welding machine, we can provide batteries suitable for assembly (with terminals already welded)

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    Good Chioce LiFePO4 Lithium iron Phosphate Battery For Forklift
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