How to choose the right battery for RV ? 2022-02-28

Are you looking to replace your batteries in your RV, Camper or Van? Here’s a simple guide to tell you what type of battery you need, how to choose the suitable battery capacity and size .

As we all know ,LiFePO4 is one of the safest battery chemistry on the market. It has a long lifespan, quick charge, discharges at a consistent rate, and has an almost fully usable amount of energy storage.

So What Should I Look for in a Lithium Battery?

1.Voltage check :Be sure that the lithium battery’s voltage matches the electrical system of your RV. Most RVs have a 12V system, the most common type of battery (whether lead-acid or lithium). But, certain rigs operate on different voltages. Double-check the compatibility before purchasing.

2.Capacity check :It depends on the total power of electricity on the RV. Generally, there are electric cooker, water heater, lighting, TV, audio equipment etc. Some of the RV is also built-in air conditioning. air conditioning appliances draws a lot of amps (power) and requires a very large battery bank (400Ah+).

10′-14 ft | Lights, radio, electronics (laptop, cell phones, etc.), small fan -12V50Ah or 100Ah

15′-20 ft | Lights, radio, stove, med. electric cooler/small fridge, electronics, fans | 1-2x 12v100Ah or 1x12v165Ah or 1x12v200Ah

21′-30 ft | Lights, radio, stove, lg. electric cooler/small fridge, small tv, electronics, fans-2x 12v100 Ah or 1x 12V170 Ah

31′-40 ft | Lights, radio, stove, medium fridge, large TV, electronics, large fans | 2-4x 12V100 Ah or 1x 12V300Ah

40’+ ft | Lights, radio, stove & oven, fridge, TV, electronics, air conditioning* | 2-4x 12V200 Ah or 2-3x 12v300Ah

3.Size Confirmation : Also, make sure that the replacement battery will physically fit in your battery storage compartment.

Summer is almost here and choose the best battery for your next adventure!

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