Lithium RV Renewable Energy 2019-09-29

Would you like to enjoy outdoor activities without restriction? On a sunny day, go to a family camping trip, or get ready to drive around the country, from the fernion falls to Florida, from tofino to Tuscany. No matter where your next adventure is, whether you're away from the grid for a week, or you like to watch movies by the lake, every other creature comfort from home that you can and do take with you on the road.

we OSN Power want you to explore and relax without any worry.

And batteries are the heart of any rolling electrical system.

So what’s your best choice of battery?

Obviously,choose our lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are your trustworthy power solution for your extended trips..

*Super long cycle life

*Better Safety Features

An RV is not just a way to travel; it’s your home away from home.  you must take safety precautions to prevent fires and other accidents.

OSN Power lithium RV batteries are equipped with built-in safety measures to protect you and your family during your RV adventures. When your battery comes too close to overheating, a temperature control mechanism automatically shuts it down.

*More Eco-Friendly

The lithium RV battery allows you to use clean energy to power your camping trip, especially if you're using a solar roof panel.  You waste less energy with 100 percent charging efficiency and reduce your CO2 emissions.You use 100% of your charging efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to consume less energy. For the most environmentally friendly energy, choose a lithium RV battery made from recycled materials. When you camp in a forest or pristine lake, you may be inspired to reduce the impact on the environment, so the future generation scan enjoy the same experience.

We have good quality Lifepo4 prismatic cell. 3.2V 66Ah/75Ah/90Ah120Ah,which is very suitable to make batteries for RV.

Here we would like to share with you the most hot selling battery pack 12V 120Ah and 240Ah battery for RV. inbuilt high quality BMS to provide batteries from overcharging, over-discharging, over current, short circuit

Or if you need other larger capacity batteries for electric boat etc, pls contact us soon.

Happy Camping!!!

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