Car Audio Batteries

LTO Car Audio Battery 12V 15Ah

  • High output and high current Car audio batteries combine the most advanced lithium titanate battery cells with super high discharge rate ,making them ideal for car audio  applications.
  • The strongest and smallest Batteries will get your car louder
  • They are available in 12 and 16 Volt, in different capacity range ,from 15Ah up to 100Ah .

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Products Details

Product Name

LTO Car Audio Battery 12V 15Ah


  • We designed a series LTO car audio batteries 12V, use the most high powerful cell LTO 15Ah cells with 10C discharge rate to make battery with very high output.
  • Can be flexible connected in parallel to get more power for different car audio systems .
  • Battery is built into balancing boards ,to prevent cell imbalance,  and provide better performance, have a longer life.
  • Super long life till to 20000 times
  • Internal structure design can support super strong car audio up to 18000W
  • Light weight and small size,designed to be mounted in virtually any position 

Specification for LTO Car Audio Battery 12V 15Ah




Rated Capacity (5hr)


Nominal Voltage


Discharge Ending Voltage


Charging Limited Voltage

13.75 V

Max Discharging Current

150 A

Parallel Connection

Optional (up to 16P).

Containing Cell


Design Life

More than 10 years

Cycle Life

6000 cycles @85% DOD (dependant on actual DOD, usage & temp.)

Discharge Rate



Dimensions (W*D*H)

Can be customized  




Operating Temperature

Charging: -30 to +55°C / Discharging: -30 to +55°C

Storage Temperature

-20 to +50°C


5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)


5 years

Other Features

Lithium battery VS Lead acid battery

  • Up to 70% lighter than lead-acid batteries of a comparative size and spec
  • Up to 10 times longer service life than its lead-acid equivalent
  • Environmentally friendly - no heavy or toxic materials


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With 10 years experience of making LiFePO4/NCM/LTO packs, we can customize any packs for you. 

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