LTO (lithium titanate)-the Most Advanced 48V 14.4KWh Lithium Battery for Solar/Wind Energy Storage 2020-10-29

We'd like to introduce to you our 30 Year Super Long Cycle Life LTO Battery 48V300Ah, 14.4KWH for solar/wind energy storage:

Our LTO ESS series adopt the world‘s most advanced lithium battery technology - LTO battery

With its stable 3D crystal structure, LTO (Lithium Titanate, LiTi5O12 ) chemistry is “zero-strain”, as it hardly forms unstable SEI film during charging and discharging as opposed to the traditional graphite anode material, therefore,LTO batteries boast 4 extraordinary advantages as below:

1. 30-Year Super Long Service LifeThe LTO batteries have super long cycle life of 25,000 to 30,000 times, 100% DOD, equivalent to 30 years of service life.

2. Amazing Low/High Temperature Performance at -50℃ ~60℃: suitable for energy storage in extremely cold/hot countries and areas where other battery chemistry doesn’t work.

3. Fast Charge/Discharge Ability: LTO is the fastest charge/discharge lithium battery at 10C continuously, which can be fully charged/discharged in 6 minutes, to support critical loads such as air condition, water pumps, EV charging, etc. in residential, commercial, industrial ESS applications.

4. The Safest Lithium Battery Chemistry: With its stable 3D structure, thermal runaway hardly happens to LTO batteries to guarantee the safety of the system. The LTO batteries has passed extreme abuse tests including, electric drilling, underwater acupuncture, no explosion, nofire.

We have developed 30-year super long life solar energy storage battery with LTO (lithium titanate) battery,  20-year warranty, while most of other lithium batteries for energy storage only work for 5-10 years. The end-users can save the costs and troubles of installing replacement batteries. And the cost per year over all the service year is less than other batteries.

The BMS of our ESS batteries have commissioned for communication and compatibility with the major inverters such as Victron, Huawei, Goodwe, Growatt, Voltronic, Kehua, Kstar, East, Luxpower, Megarevo, INVT, Ginlong, Sacolar, Sofar, Deye, etc. And the list is to be continued as our engineers are working on testing and commissioning with more inverter and charger brand.

We will offer a complete set of battery system, including cables, cabinets, Chinese and English bilingual monitoring touch screen and other accessories, etc.

The inside cess we using LTO 30Ah prismatic cells. A grade standard. Easy to assemble and save space due to the prismatic structure.

With the growing interest in the most advanded lithium battery-Titanate Lithium (LTO) , especially in countries like Australia, Russia, the Philipines....., you can consider introducing LTO batteries into your current product category to meet your brands' image of innovation & cutting-edge technolgoy; and the LTO battery can help you attract more customers' attention. The LTO batteries can be a booster of your business growth!

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