The Best Lithium Car Audio Batteries Bring Loudest Music for You 2019-09-29

Due to 30,000cycles life time ,10C fast charge/discharge ,and good low temperature performance ,6S LTO battery are highly reputable for car audio system.

We OSN POWER designed a series 6S LTO car audio battery that can be suitable for different car audio systems .We choose high quality Toshiba cells to make ,Voltage for single cell is 2.4v ,so for a 6S LTO battery pack ,the voltage is 14.4v,these batteries are with maximum 500A of available alternator charge at a max voltage 14.8v will support up to 20,000w ,they are designed for enthusiasts that want the best performance. it made drives so much more entertaining and enjoyable. If you plan on installing a large amp, a sub-woofer and large speakers, you will need to upgrade your alternator, add a car audio battery or batteries.

The increased power demands from your system will require an increased supply of power coming into the system.

Also we provide Yinlong LTO Cylindrical 66160 2.3V30Ah ,35Ah and 40Ah cells ,Yinlong prismatic 2.3v30Ah and 33Ah ,they are ideal for those people who want to DIY their own car audio batteries ,bus bars for assembly battery pack are also available .

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