The difference between EVE LF280(LF280N) and EVE LF280K 2022-03-01

Since 2015, lithium iron phosphate batteries have established their own industry advantages in the fields of new energy commercial vehicles and energy storage by virtue of their high safety and long cycle life. More and more people choose to use lithium iron phosphate batteries. High-capacity single cells are favored by people.

EVE has launched two 3.2V 280Ah single cells, the models are: LF280 (LF280N) and LF280K.

Because the two cells are very similar in appearance, the following methods can help you quickly distinguish these two cells:

First of all, the easiest way is to look at the QR code of the battery cell. The QR code of the battery cell with model LF280 (LF280N) is marked with "LF280 896Wh"; the QR code of the battery with model LF280K is marked with "LF280K 896Wh"

Secondly, you can see the Tabs center distance and the total height of the cells.

The tabs center distance between the positive and negative terminals of the cell: the center distance between the positive and negative terminals of the LF280 cell is 90mm. The center distance of the positive and negative terminals of the LF280K cell is 123mm

The total height of LF280 is 204mm,The total height of LF280K is 207mm

Finally,the cycle life:

The cycle life of LF280 is 3500times,but LF280K can reach to 6000 times

So now LF280K cells are more popular.

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