The situation and solution while motorcycle not starting(1) 2019-12-20

Under normal temperature(above -5℃), motorcycle engine breaks down when being started for 2-3 times. It shows there is something wrong. The fault are nothing more than the circuit, oil and cylinder pressure. As long as the oil flow smoothly, the circuit is normal and there is a certain pressure when the cylinder is compressed, then he engine will work normally.

Generally, the engine fails to start because of without pressure on the cylinder that is unusual. Most of faults are the circuit system, then oil. So, as long as we master this principle, and try to use the following methods. In general, we can quickly start the motorcycle.

Usually there are 10 kinds of common situations that motorcycles cannot started, four of them will be introduced as follows

1. Fail to start after parking for a few days

Racing fans have some experience, when "motorcycle" berth for a few days , it is quite difficult to start. The skilled one tries to start the engine by pushing rhe car. This method seems easy, actually it still needs some tips

First, you should know whether your motorcycle cannot start is the result of the circuit or other problems, To distinguish this problem, you can twist the car keys to the [on] position, check the speaker and headlamps, if the speaker does not ring, the headlights do not light, so it indicates that the battery power is almost exhausted. This is because the motorcycle battery capacity is small, due to continuous self-discharge when parking for some time, then leads to lack of electricity. While it’s no big deal, as long as the motorcycle started, driving for many miles will recharge battery fully.

While, if the battery life has come to an end, and the engine still cannot charge it normally, the battery should be replaced as soon as possible. Please use OSN motorcycle start battery.

Under normal circumstances, in addition to stepless speed scooter, most of other motorcycles can be started by pushing the car.  The specific method is as follows:

First of all, to do a few warm-up exercise to stretch the bones and muscles of the motorcycles, avoiding excessive force and strain the muscles; and then push motorcycle from the parking position, prepare to push it at least 10m in front of the straight line; and check there is enough fuel supply, and whether the gasoline switch is set to the open position?

After these preparatory work, cross ride to the motorcycle, transmission linked to 2 files (it is easiest to start under 2 or 3 files), but making the engine  hang 2 files when it is not rotating may be difficult, so you just shake the motorcycle, you can get it into the file easily .

after entering the second gear, in the case of clutch engagement, vigorously shake motorcycle for a few times, making full use of the motorcycle weight, to lubricate piston ring and cylinder wall, reducing the starting resistance, and to avoid the crankshaft in the It is difficult to start the top dead center or the bottom dead center position, which helps pushing to start.

Then, get off on the left side of the motorcycle, hands clenched in the steering wheel, keep in the second gear, pull the door up, twist the car key to the [on] position, the left hand clutch the clutch lever, Slowly push the motorcycle forward, when the motorcycle reaches the highest possible speed, release the clutch and turn the throttle, then the engine will be angered. At the same time, immediately get off the clutch and keep touch on the throttle, the right index finger and middle finger control front wheel, let the motorcycle stop. The right foot hang into the neutral gear, put down the parking bracket, so that the motorcycle idles for 2-3min, then you can start it.

2. Motorcycle can not start after rollover

Accidental rollover when driving a motorcycle is inevitable, after several times to prop up motorcycle, the engine can not be restarted, in fact, it is the result of the leaked carburetor fuel, as long as you wait for 10min, so that gasoline wil get into the carburetor float chamber, The oil supply system will be able to work properly.

However, the missing fuel may accumulate in the intake manifold, forced start the engine hardly will make the spark plug soaked completely, and can not ignite. Therefore naturally, the engine can not start. At this point, there is a smell of gasoline, so you should wait for 10min, turn the throttle to the maximum, so that the carburetor valve as open as possible, volatile the gasoline, so the engine can be started normally.

3. Cannot Start When Driving in Foggy Days

Driving in long distance in foggy days, because of large air humidity , it will easily lead to poor contact system ignition, water flow into fuel supply system and self-flame out, you must remove the fault before restarting. The method of quick troubleshooting is as follows:

(1) Ignition system.

(2) fuel supply system.

4.  Flameout After Warming Motorcycle

(1) Ignition system.

(2) fuel supply system.

We will introduce you next 6 situations and solutions in next news.

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