The situations and solutions while motorcycle not starting(2) 2019-12-20

In previous news, we introduced some 4 situations and solutions while motorcycle not starting.

Let us know more now.

5. Can not restart after quenching

(1) When the engine idle speed acceleration, if transition nozzle clogging, especially the vacuum type carburetor in transitional type (CV), mixture is too thin and on their own after flameout,  the carburetor transition hole can be smoothly start the engine after cleaning, after start up it should be smooth and soft , try to avoid nasty acceleration, man-made transitional malnourished.

(2) self-quenching when high speed to accelerate, the main factors are for high voltage and high led to the regulator rectifier within the high voltage flame protection circuit and self-flame and so on when high speed to accelerate. The former can be successfully started while the engine cooling; the latter can start after replacing with new battery. However, to completely exclude high-speed acceleration of self-flame failure. After reaching the destination, it should replace the stabilized rectifier with too low flame protection voltage as soon as possible.

6. Can not start after a sudden turnout

Driving suddenly stalled in addition to gasoline used up, the vast majority of failures is out of the electrical system.

(1) Bad flame switch. A motorcycle with an emergency shut-off switch is turned off when it is disconnected. The detection of non-human factors in the open circuit, for example, in the process of driving inadvertently opened the emergency flameout switch, re-placed in the [on] position can be activated. If it is an emergency shutdown switch internal fault caused by the circuit, you can use a wire connected to the temporary emergency to solve the problem, after reaching the destination,it should be replaced as soon as possible emergency shutdown switch.

(2) Ignition coil is bad. If the ignition coil plugs loose and off the fire, should check the plug, and remove the oil, increase the plug, seat clamping force, increase the contact strength, to ensure contact stability.

(3) the trigger coil is bad. Trigger the coil lead connector loose off the fire, re-connected and think of ways to reinforce the joints, emergency solution to the problem, to the destination as soon as possible after the reinforcement of the welding strength, completely remove false welding hidden dangers.

7. can not start after the flame under poor road conditions or vibration

The main factors of the flame under poor road conditions or vibration is due to carburetor into the oil needle or the expansion of the floating pin, so that the float is not flexible, resulting in carburetor oil is too low, when vibrating in the uneven road (after ditch), the oil level will be lower, there is oil off and turn off. It should thoroughly clean the needle on the surface of the needle into the needle, remove the floating pin, the hole at the corrosion, so that the needle into the valve, the flexibility of the float freely. And also can increase the oil level, the float height will be reduced 1 ~ 2mm.

8. A stepless motorcycle can not be started after a few days of berthing

A stepless motorcycle which can not be started after a few days of berthing can’t using pushing method to start. But can use bridge method to connect power of another motorcycle. usually only prepare a 2m long ordinary home 15A wire on the line in the luggage, it won’t take up too much space, and the price is very cheap.

Equipped with this method is very simple, first connect to the positive terminal of two batteries and then connect to the positive terminal. Pay attention to not touching metal parts of the two motorcycles when connecting the wires. Firstly ask driver help to start the engine, and increase speed a little, then you can start the engine, after the engine starts, remove battery positive terminal connection, then remove the negative connection.

9. Method to identify the ignition circuit failure quickly

The former has mentioned that most possibility of the failure to lead to the motorcycle not moving is out of the ignition device. therefore, understand the method of quickly identify the ignition circuit failure is good for rapidly starting of the motorcycle. Now introduce the following methods: First spin off the spark plug, set the spark plug hex nuts from the cylinder about 5 ~ 8mm, and let the spark plug skirt face our sight, that is to say , our eyes can see the central part of the space of spark plug. And then start the engine several times, excluding according to the following four cases:

(1) When the spark plug and cylinder block spark between the 5 ~ 8mm long and we can hear the discharge sound, while the spark plug center level and the gap between the side of the electrode also spark, indicating that high voltage ignition appliances is normal. If the engine can not start, please check the ignition advance angle is correct. If the ignition advance angle is correct, then the high-voltage ignition system is without fault.

(2) when the spark plug and cylinder block spark between the 5 ~ 8mm, but there is no spark between the spark plug center electrode and side electrode, spark generated in the central electrode internal space which indicates that the high voltage ignition circuit is still normal, it may be coke serious inside the spark plug or spark plug insulator be breakdown. Replacing a new spark plug, the engine will be able to start.

(3) When the spark plug and cylinder block spark less than 5 ~ 8mm long, only 2 ~ 3mm, for motorcycle with the igniter, you should first check the gap between the breaker white gold contacts, if it is 0.35 ~ 0.45mm should be regarded as normal (generally adjust data according to the manufacturer's product specifications), and then use fine sand cloth polished contacts dozens times, and then wipe the contact surface with a clean cloth dipped in gasoline; then start the engine several times, and carefully observe the size of the spark between the contacts. If the spark is strong, it failed with the contact capacitor in parallel , change a new capacitor then can be activated. If the spark is weak, indicating that the spark plug electrode is covered with oil, should be excluded from the cylinder lubricating oil, cleaning spark plug electrode.

(4) When there is no spark between the spark plug and the cylinder, it indicates that the primary (low voltage part) of the ignition circuit is faulty. First check whether there is a gap between the breaker contacts. If there is no gap, then the contact clearance should be adjusted to 0.25 ~ 0.5mm, and polished clean. If it can not be adjusted, it may be that the friction block of the circuit breaker wears, breaks, falls off, or the failure of the pressure spring is broken. If there is a problem, clean the contact surface.

If the engine still can not start, it is necessary to check whether the low-voltage circuit lead-out is abrasive which contact with the motorcycle body . If there is ground, it uses tape or other means to make it out of contact. Re-connect, weld good in the broken place. If there is no such phenomenon, it is necessary to check whether the capacitor is short-circuit or not. It can be soldered under the capacitor, with other methods (such as the battery in series with the lamp) to measure whether the low-voltage coil is open or open welding place. If there is welding, opening circuit , should be promptly welded.

10. Emergency measures while the engine can not start on the way

The engine suddenly flameout while driving , and parts can not be repaired and no spare parts replacement, emergency measures can be used to smooth the motorcycle to the destination, emergency measures are:

(1) When the electrode next to spark plug breaks, it can slowly bent the central electrode to the lower edge of the distance between 0.6mm, then it can continue to use

(2) When the spark plug hole part damaged slip, can be lined with thin copper or around the asbestos line (also can use cotton yarn instead), and then put into the spark plug.

(3) carburetor float rupture, you can first release the gasoline inside the float, and then use the red saws (slightly cold, dark gray) comfort hot rupture. Copper floats can be used soldering.

(4) Magnetic motor breaker contact spring breaks, we can temporarily set a rubber ring between the active arm and spring , connect the ignition coil low-voltage termination to the active arm for temporary replacement, but should be prevented from breaking the spring.

(5) capacitor short circuit, we can open, cut off the breakdown of the part carefully ,  connect aluminum film ,re-tight after pad good insulation wax paper for temporary substitute.

Hope above suggestions help you. The best method is choosing proper start battery,OSN Power start battery, You're worth it!

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