What equipment do you need to make a Lithium battery pack 2022-06-14

The production and processing technology of lithium battery assembly is very strict and complex. Different types of lithium batteries have different production processes and different requirements for production equipment. We, OSN Power Energy Limited, have been engaged in lithium battery assembly for 15 years. We have extensive experience in the assembly of battery packs.

The production process of lithium battery pack generally requires the following steps:Cell matching—Assembly— Welding—BMS—Wiring—Aging —Casing —Finished product testing.

To implement these steps, we roughly need the following equipment:

Battery capacity sorting cabinet

Before we make the battery pack, the first step is to divide the capacity of the cells. At this time, we need to use the lithium battery capacity sorting cabinet. The device sets the capacity value on the computer software. After the cell capacity sorting is completed, you can place the cells according to the different capacity segments according to the prompts of the battery capacity sorting cabinet.

Lithium battery sorting machine(Voltage and Inner resistance)

The lithium battery sorting machine is a testing and sorting equipment for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries. The sorting of the equipment is precisely controlled by a servo motor. core, which greatly improves the stability of test data and test data. Operating system Windows upper computer operating system, can query and count historical detection data, easy to trace.

According to different needs, there are different types of battery sorting machines to choose from, and solutions can also be tailored according to your own specific requirements. For example, cylindrical lithium batteries have 6-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 10-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 20-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 18650/21700 general-purpose battery sorting machine and so on.

Lithium battery automatic highland barley paper machine

Some customers may ask why the highland barley paper should be affixed to the lithium battery? In fact, highland barley paper also plays a very important role in the assembly of lithium batteries. Paste highland barley paper on the positive electrode of the battery to prevent the positive electrode from colliding with the positive electrode, resulting in a short circuit or dust entering the gap. Highland barley paper has good insulation, water resistance and abrasion resistance.

Lithium battery spot welding machine

Lithium battery spot welding machine is a kind of lithium battery assembly and processing equipment. At present, lithium battery spot welding machine is divided into pneumatic spot welding machine, automatic spot welding machine and manual spot welding machine.

Lithium battery spot welding machine is to assemble a single cell into a battery pack through nickel tabs or aluminum connectors spot welding. The firmness of the battery pack welding is a crucial step for the quality of the battery pack. Usually, the welding without false welding firmness, no black spots, and no macula are the most basic requirements for spot welders.

Different batteries have different requirements for welding machines. The following two equipment are commonly used in welding battery packs.

Ordinary cylindrical cell spot welding machine:

Prismatic Cell Laser Spot Welding Machine:

electric soldering iron

It is an essential tool for making battery packs. It is mainly used for welding components and wires. According to the mechanical structure, it can be divided into internal heating electric soldering iron and external heating electric soldering iron. , according to different uses, it is divided into high-power electric soldering iron and low-power electric soldering iron.Usually used with soldering paste.

Battery Aging Cabinet

The battery aging cabinet, as the name suggests, is an important equipment for the battery aging process. The quality of battery aging determines the safety, stability, service life and battery performance of the battery in actual use. Therefore, the battery aging cabinet is the core equipment of the battery quality control process. Through aging, we can once again detect whether the battery has problems such as virtual welding, insufficient battery capacity, whether the BMS works normally, and whether the wire is firmly welded.

Battery Comprehensive Tester

The battery comprehensive tester is the last test before the battery pack is shipped, and it can provide a quick test of the battery static parameters, including:

Battery voltage detection (automatic wake-up for lithium batteries that are already in protection state)

Battery internal resistance detection

Battery rechargeable performance test

Battery discharge performance test

Battery overcurrent detection (only for lithium batteries)

Battery short-circuit protection function detection (only for lithium batteries)

Battery internal identification resistance (or thermistor) detection

As the lithium battery market is booming, more and more customers want to start their own factories and assemble battery packs locally. Our OSN can not only provide customers with accessories such as lithium batteries, BMS, wires and cases, but also provide customers with equipment, and we will also provide customers with rich experience and technical support. It is convenient for customers to develop their own market.

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