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Shen Zhen OSN POWER Tech limited is a modern enterprise that specilizes in lithium battery developing and manufacturing in China. We devote ourselves to the revolution of world’s lithium battery packs for electric car,scooters,motorcycles,energy storage system and marine. OSN POWER R & D team have over 10-year experiences on average in this indurtry. Our self- developed Smart Motorcycle Start Battery, which has a Bluetooth monitor on smart phone APP, showing battery status like voltage, state of charging, riding history. This function solve the daily needs for customer, and has gained the acknowledgement in America,France and Germany. We have set up a high-tech lab which can run complete testing that covers all aspects from battery safety to battery performence. OSN POWER holds the world’s leading core technology ...
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With 10 years' experience of making lithium iron phosphate battery systems, OSN POWER has provided various battery solutions for nearly all kinds of ESS applications.
LTO 66160 type 30AH/35AH/40AH/55Ah battery cells: 20000-30000 life cycle, fast charging,Integration with energy Storage
LiFePO4 scooter battery Lithium ion scooter battery Tricycle battery 24-96V 10-200Ah customized
Inbuilt Military Standard BMS, with high-quality IC and MosFET Wide Applications: solar energy storage, marine, RV, etc;
LiFePO4 50-240Ah 3.2v
CATL 53Ah/72Ah/100Ah
wecanoffervariousofelectricbikebatteries,regularlyfor36V800W,48V1000Welectricbike, alsoevenhighpower48V1500W.
A123 system battery is currently the best LiFePO4 battery around the world. A123 systems batteries are the most popular with higher usable energy than other lithium ion technologies which enables g
High current lifepo4 batteryup to 40C constant current and 60C peak current
RClipobatterycanbeusedtomodelairplanes,carmodels,airsoftgunsandsoon. Constantlydischargeratecanreach 100C.
Customizedbatterypackfitsinwiththeneedsofcustomers.Therearevariouscellswith differentmodel,capacity,dischargeratetosupportourOEMproject.
华测桥梁RTK三脚架,驻马店华测桥梁RTK产品特点: 场核实调查地块确认边界,方便实用。交通系统,实用GPS可覆盖道路勘测设计、施工放样、监理等各方面,在自然条件比较恶劣的地区能快速完成在道路测量控制点加密、道路地,华测桥梁RTK双频双星跟踪,性能卓越,接收机内置的GNSS接收板是一款54通道的高性能主板,不仅能接收...
Lifepo4 Battery PCM or BMS For 3.2V-76.8v Lifepo4 Battery Packs.

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